Television pilot for national distribution on fyi network in 2018 

The UpCyclers TV show format is a shoppable follow-doc series featuring talented Upcyclers from around the globe. We join The Upcyclers as they collect discarded material, from unusual and unlikely places, then transform items that may sometimes be considered trash into incredible new products! Each 22 minute episode is a self-contained format, with themed storylines featuring 4 to 5 Upcyclers.  The show is about the transformation of  how discarded liquor bottles become elegant lamps, skateboards are turned into stylish sunglasses, sea glass and surfboard resin re-engineered into jewelry, salvaged wood crates become vintage industrial furniture, old suitcases are transformed into blu-tooth boom boxes, unwanted bicycles and baseball gloves are repurposed into unimaginable new accessories, and much more…

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