Fat Kids Need Bread

Fact - I have two adorable boys (ages 5 and 7).  I love them and I love food.  I also love learning about food, making food, and teaching them about food.

Then fact #2, 1/3 of all kids in America are obese.  Mine are not, but that could happen.  I believe, and research has shown, that when kids do not understand food, they do not appreciate it.  We are not born craving Snickers and White Castle, we are trained to do that.

So I want to train my kids to love the foods that are from farmers, bakers, butchers and chefs.  I am not doing this because I am a self-righteous food obsessed environmentalist (which I am) but rather so they love food as much as I do.  I am not stopping the consumption of pizza, candy and treats on occasion, but I have always wanted them to understand food.

So, I am going to start making bread. My kids love bread.  They eat toast in the morning and sandwiches at lunch.  Occasionally there is a bread option for afternoon snack.  So why not make our own bread?  Both kids love to cook.  Most Saturday mornings start with the boys making homemade pancake from scratch.  OK, Dad operates the stove top, but they find the recipe, mix it together and leave a certain amount on the countertop.

Just like shopping at farmers markets, once they start to make the bread they will understand what goes into it, and why it tastes good.  I will do this until Thanksgiving and see how it works.  Ideally we will start experimenting with different recipes and get them into grains and whole wheats sooner than later.

And I am talking about baking bread in the oven.  I am not using the quickly bread maker that sends out bread that looks like a building block.  It has to look right, smell good and be super tasty. That is the goal. 

I will let you know how it works.