"Born Schizophrenic" airing on TLC & Discovery Family Summer 2016

"Born Schizophrenic" airing on TLC & Discovery Family Summer 2016


As a leading curator of non-fiction television, we cover a wide range of content in various formats, including reality and documentary styles.  From reality shows like the continuing "Born Schizophrenic" series on TLC & Discovery Family to Youtube's digital "JetFuel," we know how to create stories that both inform and entertain viewers.


In the past year alone, Homerun Entertainment has: filled 70 MILES of LA's canals with over 2,000 cyclists for a fun day supporting bike riding for all; turned a sandy beachfront into the city's hottest dance floor, to support restoration of the Santa Monica Bay; transformed the CBS Studios backlot into a star-studded wonderland for a leading children's charity; and produced a live award show to honor many of today's living film legends. And we're just getting started.

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The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers turned 100 years young in October 2016.  They celebrated with a black tie gala.  This evening chronicled the history of motion image capture from the first projected film through futurist virtual reality.  Hollywood's best and brightest came out and SMPTE and Homerun gave them a night to remember.